Lifestyle Kitchens

Melamine Panels

Lifestyle Kitchens can manufacture your kitchen in almost any colour or wood type that you prefer. Above is only a small selection of the popular woodgrain colors and types available (except maybe the Lindau Pear..). Cupboards are mainly manufactured from melamine panels with your chosen color.

Have look some more colors that are available.

Veneer and Solid Wood

Another option is to use Veneer or Solid wood for panels and doors. Veneer is either Mdf (Supawood) or chipboard laminated with a thin layer of natural wood. This creates a solid wood feel and can be stained or varnished to create the desired finish.

Veneer doors are made using a flat veneer panel with a 2mm solid wood edging. Semi Solid doors are made using a flat veneer panel with a solid outer wooden frame. Solid doors are made entirely of natural wood and is available in various raised panel profiles.

We often use a combination of solid wood trimmings and edging with veneer panels and doors to create a classic wooden look at a reasonable price.

Mdf or Supawood

Mdf or Supawood blends the advantages of manufactured board with the natural properties of solid wood, allowing for most traditional wood working techniques.

Mdf also enables us to create various door profiles(raised panel etc.) which can then be wrapped, sprayed or painted.

High Gloss

Lifestyle Kitchens offers a variety of High Gloss finishes depending on customer specifications and budget, the following options are available:

High Gloss Spray Painting - 2k Automative quality paint that is polished to create an immaculate gloss finish.

EGR Stylite High Gloss - 18mm board cut and edged to become doors or panels in various colours that adheres to international standards and is imported from Australia

Niemann - Offers a wide range of High Gloss panels & doors imported from Germany and Italy with options in Polygloss and Acrylux

Seno High Gloss - High Gloss Seno Panels and doors with Gloss edging in various colours.

High Gloss Wrap - High Gloss Wrap panels and doors. This option is very cost effective.

Paint Technique

A popular choice to recreate a farmstyle look - paint technique involves painting the the individual cupboard faces and doors to create various effects, for example a weathered or textured look. Kitchen doors would normally be constructed from Supawood. A profile can be added for decorative purposes. The raw Supawood is then painted according to the customer's specification. See our Portfolio page for an example of a paint technique kitchen. We have Paint Technique samples available for viewing.

Velvet and Matt finishes

With the global trends moving more towards Velvet and Matt finishes Lifestyle Kitchens is staying current and we have increased our offerings in this range.

Duco/Spray painting

Lifestyle Kitchens offers high quality spray painting in Satin, Sheen(Velvet) and Matt finishes. We offer almost any colour imaginable and we make use of professional paint distrubutors to mix and supply the correct Woodline paint products.

Velvet doors and panels

EGR, Niemann and SENO offer a wide range of quality of imported boards to be cut into doors and panels and edged with the matching edging.

Woodgrain finishes

All the manufactures mentioned above offer a large variety of woodgrain finishes in 16mm and 18mm boards. Different textures that vary from smooth to linear and even embossed are on offer. These textures create an elegant look and can be felt by hand, similar to a solid wood feel.