Lifestyle Kitchens

Lifestyle Kitchens were selected after competitive bidding against two reputable companies, one operating country-wide. This serves to acknowledge outstanding performance of Lifestyle Kitchens, who performed the following work in a three bedroom, two bathroom apartment to the total extent of 115m2, which was literally stripped off and re-built All design work making use of the enhanced software tool producing 3D rendering as well as line drawings with dimensions, which was found very helpful.

In doing the job, Lifestyle Kitchens rendered the following:
1. Valuable advice and proposals to improve or correct some of the designs prepared by the architect and the owner;
2. Direct personal involvement in all work activities, being on site from early morning till late afternoon thus ensuring seamless interface with all parties involved (general building contractor, plumber, electrician);
3. Close contact with and guidance of, the owner, in all situations requiring intervention;
4. Full commitment and dedicated professional service. The owner has previously built two full title houses and has renovated two flats and never before a cupboard contractor performance comparable to the one produced by Lifestyle Kitchens has been observed;
5. Readiness to produce more than originally anticipated. For example, kitchen tops, built of 20mm engineered stone (referred by Lifestyle Kitchens and also of exceptional quality and expertise), required support around cut-outs for the cooking hob and the kitchen sink to prevent breakage. Lifestyle Kitchens manufactured custom steel bars that were attached beneath the tops to ensure rock solid support to the tops.

Lifestyle Kitchens can professionally work with all modern materials and accessories. It is a team of exceptional integrity assuming full responsibility for the work they are undertaking and they can be recommended to anyone willing to either build or renovate. Their word is their bond. They produce solid cupboards of excellent quality. The three people whom the owner dealt with are very pleasant and cooperative in both business and human senses. If it happens so, next cupboard project will go to them.

- Dr Alexandre A. Lebedev, Pr.Eng.