Lifestyle Kitchens

New Kitchens

All kitchens are designed using a professional 3D computer package. Customers are provided with a portfolio containing both floorplan and photorealistic design views/renders of the final kitchen.

The kitchen design can be perfectly tailored to both the customer's needs and physical space. Customers can pick from a wide variety of wood, door and handle types to create their perfect kitchen. Lifestyle Kitchens will tailor the design and materials to fit within your budget.

If needed, Lifestyle Kitchens can provide the removal of old kitchens, minor plumbing, and even tiling. This allows Lifestyle Kitchens to provide an all-in-one solution which ensures the customer has only one point of contact throughout the whole process. All quotes are free and come with no obligation.

Built In Cupboards

Custom cupboards can be designed and built to fit any spacial or esthetic requirement. Cupboards can be constructed from any of the materials listed on the cupboard materials page.


Individual or matching vanities can be created to complement a kitchen. Vanities can be constructed from any the materials described in the cupboard materials page. Lifestyle Kitchens can provide basic plumbing services as well to keep costs down.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Existing kitchens and bathrooms can be renovated or additions can be made.

Shopfitting And Furniture

Lifestyle Kitchens can manufacture all types of display cases, shelves and counters. Office furniture such as tables and cabinets can be custom manufactured.